Panopi Red Velvet Bikini Limited

Mal-le by Aggeliki Maleviti

€29.90 €89.00

Red Velvet Bikini Swimwear

100% PES

Available in S, M, L

Το κάτω μέρος μαζεύει και τεντώνει σε όλη στην έκταση του κορδονιού.

Δεν διαθέτει ενίσχυση.

Doesn't included padding to the top.

Take care of your Swimwear:

-After wearing your suit rinse it with still water. Salty water and chlorine can damage some fabrics, so does sun-screen

-Always put your swimwear to dry in the shadow. Do not leave it to dry in the sun since sunlight can change the color of your gorgeous swimwear.

-Never put your swimwear on the washing machine/dryer, it can weaken the elasticity of the fabrics. If you want to wash your swim do it by hand and with a gentle soap.


By using high quality fabric and hardware, we bring a product that will last many years, if it is well taken care of. Disrupting the fast consumption chain of fast fashion product, we limit garment waste.